#MATTEobsession - MAC Retro Matte Liquid – VERUCASTYLE

#MATTEobsession - MAC Retro Matte Liquid


We are on a mission to score the best matte lip and are documenting every step. Our next test came from a consistent friend in beauty - MAC.  Jumping on the liquid matte bandwagon, MAC did not want to be outdone. The verdict?

We tried two shades, High Drama for a deep dramatic berry look and Fuchsia Flicker for a bright look for spring.


- Goes liquid to matte so make sure to let dry before putting those lips on everything.  This one takes a bit of time

- Be prepped with a great makeup remover/wipes for your lips.  We prefer Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Wipes with Cotton Extract or Simple Cleansing Micellar Water, some cleanup and touch up might be needed for a very slight touch of bleed.

-Highly staining! Be careful with the darker tones!


- The liquid is a touch thinner, so you will need more layers

All Day Test:  Tested: Workday (6 hours) Reapplied:  1x

Our rating:  #### out of 5

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