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#MATTEobsession - Lime Crime Velvetines 2

We are on a mission to score the best matte lip and are documenting every step. Our next discovery came by way of Urban Outfitters, which now carries Lime Crime makeup!

Somewhat of an accidental find, we are impressed with many things we found, including their Velvetines liquid to matte lipstick.  The wand provides perfect coverage and the liquid goes on smoothly without feathering. NO FEATHERING! It has true staying power but can stain if it is not allowed to dry fully (which only takes a minute).  It has a true matte velvet finish, rich color yet does not dry out the lip. Pencil not required except for shaping. And, totally our own personal thing but we are incredibly obsessed with products that smell DELICIOUS.


- Goes liquid to matte so make sure to let dry before putting those lips on everything.

- Be prepped with a great makeup remover/wipes for your lips.  We prefer Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Wipes with Cotton Extract or Simple Cleansing Micellar Water


- Come on URBAN, carry more colors!

All Day Test:  Tested: Workday (9 hours) Reapplied: barely 1x

Our rating:  ##### out of 5


#MATTEobsession - Avon's mark. Lipclick Matte 0

We are on a mission to score the best matte lip and are documenting every step. This is our first installment in the #MATTEobesssion saga, and officially our first beauty review on the blog!

Avon is usually not on our radars, but we wanted something simple for our *first* review.  Needless to say, we were pretty happy with our choice of super pinkie Starlet.  We loved the brightness and depth of pigment, and although this is not an indestructible lipstick the pigment does dig in deep (get your makeup wipes ready) we don't mind a lip that needs mild reapplication. 


- This is a powerful pigment - it stains powerfully.

- Matte's cake, don't mush your lips too much!


- Avon really needs to add more color options.

All Day Test:  Tested: Workday (9 hours) Reapplied: 3x

Our rating:  ###½ out of 5

Recommended pencil - Talking Points by MAC. We use it all over our lip as a solid color base and to prolong wear of our lipcolor


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