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Happy Wax - Outlet Plug-In Warmer in Watercolor

Product Description

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There’s a reason "Happy Wax®"-er Nikki M. calls this "the Rolls Royce of wall-plug wax warmers." This sleek and stylish Watercolor design accentuates any décor, features our no-scrape silicone melting dish, and plugs right into any standard outlet. Melt your wax in style!
PLUG-IN SIZE FITS ANY ROOM IN THE HOUSE – A simple, compact way to deliver a variety of fragrances to any room in the home—perfect for the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms.
ROTATABLE BASE – Works in both vertical and horizontal outlets!
"NO-MESS" FLEXIBLE SILICONE WAX DISH – Quickly and cleanly remove used wax from your melter—wax pops right out of the dish!
BLUE DISH PROVIDES WARM LIGHTING – Our unique, patent-pending blue silicone dish provides a warm glow and mood lighting from the warmer top!
Candle lovers, it's time to join the melt-olution!  
Our Outlet Plug-In Wax Warmer provides a convenient, flame-free solution to enjoying all-natural fragrance throughout your home.  
We especially love this size for smaller spaces like powder rooms, dorms, even your bedroom (this one doubles as a night-light). Perfect as a stocking stuffer or baby shower/hostess gift!